Haunted Pubs in Edinburgh

A Guide To Edinburgh's

Haunted Pubs


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Haunted Pubs in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is bursting with stunning scenery, nightlife and interesting things to do. It’s a city of culture with museums, castles and listed buildings to explore. But what tourists might not know is that Edinburgh has a dark history of torture, murder and unsavoury crimes! It’s regularly named one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

Perhaps we have former residents like William Burke and William Hare to thank for that. The pair committed 16 murders over a period of 10 months in 1828 and sold the bodies to Doctor Robert Knox for dissection in his medical lectures. With a shortage on cadavers to further medical science, bodies fetched a pretty penny so murder and grave robbing were commonplace in the city.

One of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh, The White Hart Inn, claims to be the last surviving hunting ground of the infamous body snatches, where they would ply victims with alcohol before leading them off to meet a gruesome ending. Unfortunately for The White Hart Inn, it’s now regularly visited by the spirits of unwanted visitors!

It’s not the only one – there’s a number of haunted pubs in Edinburgh for you to explore, if you’re brave enough! Use our interactive map above to find them all and let us know if you had any ghostly encounters!