Edinburgh’s Hidden Cocktail Bars

A Guide To Edinburgh's

Hidden Cocktail Bars


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Hidden Edinburgh Cocktail Bars

Tucked away around the capital are several hidden cocktail bars, places you’d never know existed if it weren’t for the locals or great apps like Yelp giving you the insider scoop. Offering extensive drink menus and a quirky experience like no other, these are the cocktail bars in Edinburgh you need to check out on your next visit.

To help you find your way to these secret bars whilst taking in stunning sights of the city, we’ve put together a photo walk that combines these secret Edinburgh cocktail bars and take photos. So take a stroll and see the beautiful city whilst sampling the coolest cocktails on offer following our special photowalk route!

Cocktail Photo Walk

Cocktail Photo Walk RouteCocktail Photo Walk Route
1. Panda & Sons – Queen Street1. Panda & Sons – Queen Street
2. Sloping houses on N. Charlotte Street2. Sloping houses on N. Charlotte Street
3. Back of houses on Hill Street3. Back of houses on Hill Street
4. Fire escape on Hill Street4. Fire escape on Hill Street
5. Statue at Royal Society5. Statue at Royal Society
6. Hoot The Redeemer – Hanover Street6. Hoot The Redeemer – Hanover Street
7. Castle/Princes Street Gardens view7. Castle/Princes Street Gardens view
8. Skyline8. Skyline
9. Scott Monument9. Scott Monument
10. Rooftop of Waverley & skyline10. Rooftop of Waverley & skyline
11. Secret Arcade – Cockburn Street11. Secret Arcade – Cockburn Street
12. View down Cockburn Street12. View down Cockburn Street
13. Tron Kirk13. Tron Kirk
14. Flesh Market Close14. Flesh Market Close
15. Red phone boxes – Royal Mile15. Red phone boxes – Royal Mile
16. JK Rowling's golden hand prints16. JK Rowling’s golden hand prints
17. Advocate's Close17. Advocate’s Close
18. Brodie's Close18. Brodie’s Close
19. Victoria Street19. Victoria Street
20. Under The Stairs – Merchant Street20. Under The Stairs – Merchant Street

This photo walk route was designed by top Edinburgh Instagrammer @TravelsWithMyPhone and was trialled by a handful of the best Edinburgh bloggers.

It takes in four of the six hidden bars (it was a week night!) and shows the sights you’ll see as you follow the route. Click through the carousel to see each photo stop in order, starting on Queen Street.

Check out the images of their boozy blogger cocktail photo walk and be sure to add your own if you follow our route or visit any of these hidden Edinburgh cocktail bars by using the below hashtag: